Coffee + Chestnut Candle

Coffee + Chestnut Candle


Handcrafted by North Ave Candles in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Banned Books Collection is a line of clever candles inspired by great works of literature that have, at some point, been banned or challenged.

Included in this interesting collection, Coffee + Chestnut is inspired by George Orwell’s 1984. Light this candle and enter The Chestnut Tree Cafe! Enjoy its aroma of freshly brewed coffee with nutty scents of hazelnut, chestnut and a kiss of French vanilla.

Using old fashioned methods and premium ingredients, great care is taken to produce a fragrant, clean-burning and eco-friendly product.

Candle comes in a gift box with a matching front label and a side label that details when/why/where each book was banned and/or challenged.

12 oz jar. 70+ hours burn time.

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