Bangles & Bracelets

Bangles and bracelets are forever popular.  They’ve adorned the wrists of people from all walks of life since ancient times.  It’s the same today.  They beautify one’s wrists, add style to an outfit and sometimes reflect deep meaning or remembrance to the person wearing one or the other, or both.

So what’s the difference between a bangle and a bracelet?  The bangle is made of one or two rigid pieces and generally round in shape, whereas a bracelet is a flexible set of links, beads, threads, or hinged pieces, with a clasp at the ends to close it.  Some women prefer one over the other, while some like to mix it up and wear both.  And why not?  Give beauty free rein over your wrists!

And now for some bangle color power…symbolism!  Here’s the scoop. Red signifies energy and prosperity.  Green denotes good luck and fertility. Yellow bangles represents happiness. White is for new beginnings.  Orange is for success.  If you want strength, wear silver bangles and if you’re bent on fortune and prosperity, then it’s gold, gold, gold bangle-licious!