Aunt Midge and the Egg White Facial

The story goes:  As an adolescent, my now 90-year-old mom was afflicted with not-so-clear facial skin.  Midge, her wiser-by-four-years sister, had the perfect solution. . .egg whites.  She spread egg whites in a goo on my mother’s face, with instructions to keep it on her skin until hardened. Irritated by Midge’s solution but pleased to get attention, my mother persevered.  She peeled the hardened egg whites off her face, rinsed and. . .Voilà!. . .a clear, soft, and radiant face! A radiance that shines in every retelling.  My mom’s memorable experience inspired me to find an simple, inexpensive way for women to give themselves a quick, mini-facial that really works ~ Kalastyle’s Eggwhite Soap. . .Voilà!