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Tattoos ~ Inks Intrigue

Posted on by Mary Ellen

Tattoos. Ink Intrigue.When I was a kid I saw my first tattoos on the upper arms of my handsome uncle who served in WWII. He had two tattoos~ one on each arm. On one arm, an eagle with a flag, and on the other, a bare-breasted woman who danced as he flexed his muscle. He never showed me that trick. I just heard about it through the relative grapevine. I never asked him where or why he got tattoos but I believed his story would have been a doozy, and imagining its variations was good enough for me.

Since then, I’ve been intrigued by the history of tattoos, the people who get them and why they get them. When I came across the book 100 Years of Tattoos, I thought it would be a great starting point for anyone who shares my curiosity, and a worthy addition to any tattoo aficionado’s collection. Alluring photographs depict inked persons spanning a hundred years of tattoo history, from various walks of life, throughout different eras and countries.

Thank you, Sean McCarthy, of Jester’s Court Tattoos, for accommodating my idea to photograph the book held in some well-inked arms. For those wondering. . . NO! I didn’t get a tattoo~ but I enjoyed seeing the interior of Sean’s first-rate tattoo parlor.

For a child friendly book on the subject, Tell Me a Tattoo Story is a sweet book about a curious boy who wants to know the story behind each of his dad’s tattoos. What better way to introduce your kid to the world of tattoo art?

Tell Me a Tattoo Story

While you, like me, may have extinguished that fire to get yourself inked, tattoo artwork permeates and enriches mainstream culture and it’s well worth our attention. So. . . we recommend one or both of these gems as gift goodies to give.

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