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This Divertido bird has been nesting for more than a year and is anxious to get back into the air stream to offer you great gift items.  Help us muster up funds to fly again and take advantage of our greatly discounted gift goodies. More reduced items will be added to our site throughout the month of April.  Swoop in often!

Gnome Populations ALERT


If your garden hosts these slightly sinister-yet-lovable denizens from the underworld, be warned: creepy as they are, gnomes have issues just like we humans. They want to be loved and accepted just as they are, personality quirks and all. Take a glimpse into the inner lives and troubles faced by our gnomish brethren on a daily basis and who knows. . . this delightfully absurd book “Garden Gnomes Have Issues” may shed light on our own place in the world’s garden, giving us a spirited laugh along the way. Happy sowing!

Tattoos ~ Inks Intrigue

Tattoos. Ink Intrigue.When I was a kid I saw my first tattoos on the upper arms of my handsome uncle who served in WWII. He had two tattoos~ one on each arm. On one arm, an eagle with a flag, and on the other, a bare-breasted woman who danced as he flexed his muscle. He never showed me that trick. I just heard about it through the relative grapevine. I never asked him where or why he got tattoos but I believed his story would have been a doozy, and imagining its variations was good enough for me.

Since then, I’ve been intrigued by the history of tattoos, the people who get them and why they get them. When I came across the book 100 Years of Tattoos, I thought it would be a great starting point for anyone who shares my curiosity, and a worthy addition to any tattoo aficionado’s collection. Alluring photographs depict inked persons spanning a hundred years of tattoo history, from various walks of life, throughout different eras and countries.

Thank you, Sean McCarthy, of Jester’s Court Tattoos, for accommodating my idea to photograph the book held in some well-inked arms. For those wondering. . . NO! I didn’t get a tattoo~ but I enjoyed seeing the interior of Sean’s first-rate tattoo parlor.

For a child friendly book on the subject, Tell Me a Tattoo Story is a sweet book about a curious boy who wants to know the story behind each of his dad’s tattoos. What better way to introduce your kid to the world of tattoo art?

Tell Me a Tattoo Story

While you, like me, may have extinguished that fire to get yourself inked, tattoo artwork permeates and enriches mainstream culture and it’s well worth our attention. So. . . we recommend one or both of these gems as gift goodies to give.

Baseball Season’s Back!

Baseball Season's Back!R is for Ruth.
To tell you the truth,
There’s no more to be said,
Just R is for Ruth. ~ Ogden Nash on Babe Ruth

Baseball season’s back! If you like baseball as I do then you celebrated skillful magic when Pittsburgh Pirates swept St. Louis Cardinals this week. I’m a recent fan so anything ‘baseball’ interests me and much of it puzzles me. That’s why LineUp for Yesterday peaked my interest. 24 baseball icons are celebrated by American wordsmith Ogden Nash and artist C.F Payne. Thrown in are stats on each player. What’s ERA? Just kidding. I know that. Anyway, we suggest this commemorative boxed set as a welcome-to-baseball-season gift for any fan gearing up for “Play Ball”!

Just for Fun Gift Picks

Just for Fun Gift PicksWhy Boys Need Parents and I Was an Awesomer Kid are two favorite books in our Bookshelf category. As adults we often forget that once upon a time we were kids living life with gusto every waking hour. We were the center of our attention, oblivious to just about everyone and everything around us. What we did, said, imagined, explored and discovered, was the greatest. Uninhibited behavior ruled naturally for better or worse. And that’s the way it was back in kids’ life. We invite you to reminisce and laugh along the memories and suggest both books as ideal gifts for your grown-up siblings or friends.

Mamasaurus Really Did Care for Babysaurus!

The new kid’s book called “Mamasaurus” was just added to our online shop. Besides being an adorable book about Babysaurus searching for Mamasaurus, it got me wondering if dinosaurs really cared for their young. Thanks to Dr. Matthew Carrano, Curator of Dinosauria, and Ray Stanford for settling my curiosity. Enjoy!

40 Feet of New Stickers!

40 Feet of New Stickers!

Moms, we’ve got something for you! 40 feet of stickers to entertain the kids for days ~ or at the very least, a few minutes, right? Choose your favorites carefully ’cause chances are the stickers will appear everywhere! That’s a lot of stickers.